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What you need to know before you go

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  • Coca butter (or cream for breasts)
  • Deodorant, Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, razor
  • swiss army knife
  • chapstick, hand cream, hair elastics (hair band?)
  • shampoo [and conditioner] (hair gel)
  • Kleenex
  • Bathrobe, Slippers, Socks, Underwear
  • Flannel pants, Nursing nightgowns
  • Home clothing
  • Heavy pads, Nursing bras, Breast pads
  • Tennis ball, massage oil, Birth ball
  • Book, magazine, cards
  • Health card, Hospital card, Insurance card
  • Hospital forms
  • Present for DS

  Husband/Significant Other:

  • Toothbrush, Clean shirt
  • Phone list
  • Small change
  • Gum and hard candy, snacks and drinks
  • CD player (blue), Tapes/CDs or MP3 player with charger (to distract me while in labour)
  • Charged digital camera
  • Charged video camera
  • Extra batteries, Extra tapes
  • Pen and paper
  • Bathing suit
  • Cell phone (can't be used in hospital?) calling cards
  • Cell phone charger?


  • Wipes, Diapers
  • Clothing, Socks
  • Receiving blankets
  • Warm blanket
  • Hat
  • Car seat
  • Car seat cover
  • Scratch mittens
  • Vaseline/butt cream
  • Snowsuit
  • Winter hat
  • Home outfit


A list of very important items to take to the hospital:  Just a few for now...I'll add more as I think of them.

1) robe - something thin-ish, not too bulky

2) slippers - easy to slide feet in and out of

3) water, juice, drink boxes, sandwhiches and snacks for dad.  The hospital will take care of you but dad has to fend for himself.  And you don't want him taking off to the cafeteria while you're in the middle of active labour!

4) lots of baby wipes and diapers.  Not all hospitals supply them.

5) an extra pillow

6) your nursing pillow

7) a soother for baby...even if you swore you would never use one!

8) the usual toiletries

9) nursing pads and a nursing bra without underwire


Make sure you have lots of fluids on hand, especially if you’ve had a c-section.  My DH accidentally went home with all of my water and PowerAde and the Nurses were so busy that I didn’t get a chance to have someone bring me water.  I couldn’t get out of bed because of the incision and the catheter…by morning I felt like a big dust bowl.


Know your medical coverage/benefits BEFORE you go to the hospital.  I had a C-section and was put into a ward with three other Moms.  One father used to fall asleep during non-visiting hours and snore so loudly I thought I would burst into tears…I just couldn’t get any rest!  Another Mom was constantly paging the staff to come tend to her baby every time it cried.  I was just miserable.  Then, three months later, we discovered my husband’s work benefits covered a PRIVATE ROOM!  We were kicking ourselves!


Send the hospital staff a Thank You note.  It really makes them feel great about what they do!


C-section recovery was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.  Try not to stress too much if it ends up being a c-section.


Make sure the slippers you have for birth are slip on - you can't always bend over to get them on yourself.  [And] take flip flops for the shower at the hospital (didn't even think to do that, now have planter warts).


Bring snacks to the hospital!  Unless you’ve had a C-section and are being monitored for the first 24 hours, sometimes the meals you are served just aren’t enough.  You’ve just completed quite a feat and will probably want to snack quite a bit to get your strength and reserves up again. 

Valuable tid-bits of information from experienced parents who have "been there" and learned it all the hard way!