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HYGIENE (Yours and Baby's)

How to avoid becoming too, how do you say...smelly and unkept...

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I used to bite my son's fingernails as he breast fed.  They're so soft and easy to nibble on.


Wait until baby is asleep to trim her nails. Do it in a brightly lit room, and have some tiny Band-Aids and a styptic pencil handy.


Cradle cap is quite normal.  My Son is 19 months old and still has a small trace of it but I’ve heard it can last up to 2 years.  We found putting olive/grape seed oil on his head before bath and (very gently) combing it through his hair before shampooing really helped.  While he nursed I would pick out the little scales with my nails…I think that action actually soothed him too.


Make sure you get in at least one shower a day!!  With my first child I would often go days between a full bathing routine and ended up feeling gross and inhuman.  It’s amazing how normal you feel after a shower or bath.  And for goodness sake, remember to brush your teeth too!!!  Feeling fresh all over really helps you feel good!


Nasal aspirators aren’t as easy to use as most people say!  I found cotton swabs pulled out boogers a lot easier than an aspirator. 


Bathing boys: talk to your doctor about cleaning your uncircumcised boy.  We were told to never pull back the foreskin, even a little, to clean during bath.  Apparently you ARE supposed to pull it back just a little to clean out trapped soap, etc.  Are little guy ended up with an infection at two months old!!!

Valuable tid-bits of information from experienced parents who have "been there" and learned it all the hard way!