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The Baby's and Yours!

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You will more than likely have the “baby blues”.  This is much different than having Post Partum Depression.  I used to look at my new baby and just cry – not because I was sad but because I was so happy.  I couldn’t imagine that this wonderful little being came from me.  Sure, there were moments when I was feeling overwhelmed and full of doubt, but those moments pass.  If the baby blues don’t go away after a few days/weeks, contact your doctor/midwife.


Make sure your spouse/family knows the warning signs for Post Partum Depression (PPD).  You may not be able to self diagnose!


The first few weeks are really hard, but it does get easier.


Relax... It's scary at first if your baby is always crying, but it's doesn't hurt them to cry if you need a shower or have to use the loo.


You will not be a perfect mom.  The most important thing you and DH (or partner) can do is to love your baby.


R-E-L-A-X!!!!! Study your baby before jumping. Let them cry and "read"'s not as hard as it seems.


Babies, and even toddlers can cry for no reason. Let them if they need to.


When the wife is crying that she needs to be alone, sometimes she means alone with YOU.


Put a dab of lavender oil on your shoulder or a blanket on  your shoulder when baby is fussy, calms them right down (just make sure they don't get it in their eyes or mouth maybe put it under your shirt etc..)


There are going to be days when you ask why you wanted this baby.  This is normal.  Times when they cry and you can't get them to stop.  You are still a good mom.   There are nights when you feel so overwhelmed that you will cry and this is when you need your hubby to take your baby and send you back to bed.  It will pass even though it doesn't feel like it.


Rest, patience, no name, and love yourself even when you think you've failed.


Go out for a walk or somewhere every day, even if you have to make yourself.  It'll make you feel so much better.  Even if your child is screaming at the top of their lungs, the fresh air will do you both good, everyone understands & sympathizes, and it'll actually give you more energy!


Expect tears within days after baby arrives, A LOT of tears.  Expect yourself to feel totally incompetent.  Don't worry, you're not.


Our Lamaze Instructor once said: "Wanting to throw your child out the window is completely normal.  The big difference is whether or not you actually do it!"


"This too shall pass" - nothing is permanent with a baby.  The challenging stuff - sleepless nights, colic, etc. is not forever!

Valuable tid-bits of information from experienced parents who have "been there" and learned it all the hard way!