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It's a glamourous world!!!

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Smallplanet is a home pick-up service that recycles disposable diapers.  We have been customers for about a year and feel better knowing our kids' diapers are not adding to the growing garbage problem.  Their site is
Invest in as many garbage cans as you can.....I have two in the living room
and one in [son's] room and my room.  I dont use a diaper pail so I bought
fairly small garbage cans for a dollar each, they save my life as diapers
pile up during the day, and take your garbage out daily.

Keep your receipts for diapers you've purchased.  Some babies grow WAY faster than you can even imagine and although some places are great about exchanging unopened diapers for next size up without receipts, some aren't.


Poop happens. Rarely the same way twice. Scatology will become your new hobby.


Seriously consider getting a cheap apron for diaper changes.  Breastfed poop is a different consistency than formula poop and can become “projectile”.  There were times I’d be in the middle of a diaper change when suddenly I had yellow poop all over the front of my shirt.  And that stuff can STAIN!!!  Oh yeah, and get a mat for the floor in front of the change table.  We still have stains on the carpet from our first DS.


Baby boys can turn into water fountains comparable to those found in Las Vegas.  Far reaching and capable of completely drenching your shirt.  Keep a small face cloth over the crotch until your ready to put on the clean diaper. (ps…invest in many change pads!)


I was told by Edith Kernerman, the woman who runs Dr. Jack Newman’s Breastfeeding Clinic at North York General Hospital that you don’t need to use petroleum jelly once the baby has passed all meconium.  You use it for the first few weeks because meconium is very sticky and hard to clean off little bums.  But once all has been passed, continued use actually encourages body heat to become trapped and result in diaper rashes.  Once we stopped our son's rashes got better.

Valuable tid-bits of information from experienced parents who have "been there" and learned it all the hard way!