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I just didn't know what headings to give these, so here they are lumped together!

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Always remember things rarely go as planned but they usually turn out the way they should be. Whenever its a trying day, I try to remember that.  And when all else fails, sit down and have yourself a good cry.

Go in with an open mind.  Don't decide that you want an epidural, or you don't want to co-sleep, or whatever.  Whatever you do, you will do great!  Listen to your instincts & do what feels right.


Get a sling.... they are amazing!


Don't buy tons of "gadgets"... try them out first if you can.  You do not necessarily need an exersaucer, a bumbo, a jumperoo, etc. Some of the best toys are homemade.  Making a rattle out of a little screw on container from the dollar store with rice krispies inside may be more liked than a $20 one!


Take regular photos - at least once a week - so you can see how quickly they change.  And take photos of the major milestones.  First bath, first time with solid foods, tummy time, etc.  You'll regret it later if there aren't many.  I've spoken to a few mothers who regret not taking photos more regularly.


Love Lots.  Have fun.  Laugh hard.


Put a little bit of money away each pay starting as soon as you know your pregnant or trying to get pregnant, I didn’t with my last 2 but this time I  did and I will have the equivalent of one whole pay cheque saved by the time I start my mat leave and every penny counts plus it helps you get over the 2 week wait for maternity benefits.


NEVER hold baby above your head in the airplane position unless it's been at least an hour since they last ate.


Always have a bottle of gripe water handy


Always keep an extra few outfits in the diaper bag when you go out, baby’s diapers always seem to leak once you leave the house LOL.


Don't assume your baby will be like your cousins, or the other babies in the mall.


This is what I've learned. I may not be that experienced, I have 1 DD who just turned 1. But I've learned a lot by watching her and reading her. Also by not assuming she's hungry or tired.


Onesies that go over the head are NOT a good idea for really tiny babies (unless you like pulling poop over their heads!)  Get the ones that snap up the front!


Don't be paranoid - little ones are tough and they travel well.


Don't be overly concerned with milestones.  Every baby/kid develops differently.


Have a lot patience, if you don't have much, you'll need to learn pretty quick (as I am trying).


You don't need nearly as much "stuff" as you think you do, so prepare lightly on the fun things and stock up on the practical stuff.


Relax and enjoy the little moments with your kids/babies because before you know it they'll be dating, driving and in college.


When baby begins to make messes, don't get frustrated, take a picture, and laugh. They grow up way too fast, so enjoy everything.


They really do grow fast. It's hard, because you want them to do the next stage all the time but in no time you'll wish they were back at the beginning.


You will love your child in a very different way that you love anyone. And it isn't always an instant bond.


No two babies are the same, even if they share a birthday...heck, even if they're identical twins!


For us, a baby swing is a life saver.  If it stopped working today, we would have a new one by tonight. 

Valuable tid-bits of information from experienced parents who have "been there" and learned it all the hard way!