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What do you REALLY need?

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Don't worry if your child isn't really into "reading" right off the bat.  I was told to read to my son every day, from day one.  Okay, you try reading a book to a five-month-old who is only interested in eating it or ripping out the pages!  I got frustrated and gave up for quite a while.  We tried it again around 16 months.  He is now going on two years old and LOVES books.


Don't buy tons of "gadgets"... try them out first if you can.  You do not necessarily need an exersaucer, a bumbo, a jumperoo, etc. Some of the best toys are homemade.  Making a rattle out of a little screw on container from the dollar store with rice krispies inside may be more liked than a $20 one!


Valuable tid-bits of information from experienced parents who have "been there" and learned it all the hard way!